Real Picadeiro

O Real Picadeiro is a “sui generis” project that invests in promoting the Classical Equestrian Tradition within a modern environment. Real Picadeiro is developing an audacious project aimed at promoting the Lusitano Horse in the Algarve. This equestrian centre sprung from the dream and passion for Lusitano horses, so evident in the Portuguese culture. That is why we want our equestrian centre to be a means of disseminating and promoting culture and shows. Real Picadeiro in the Algarve is an attempt to create new products for themed, cultural and environmental tourism, through equestrian shows based on the Portuguese equine tradition. We wish to keep this tradition with the Riding School, with teaching and breaking, rides, parties and both social and corporate events. We have planned a multifunctional space and are investing in its diversity to be able to promote various cultural events with our Equestrian Galas, as well as other events, whether for sports, music, drama or fairs, in a culturally modern environment. Our Equestrian Centre aims to present a purebred horse that was used for centuries as a fighting horse and that is nowadays master in the Equestrian Art. CABALLUX An equestrian show of rare beauty, in an almost perfect symbiosis between horse and rider. The Lusitano purebred, a "hot-blooded" horse, is known for its character and natural ability for the Equestrian Art. The magic of these galas combines classical high dressage exercises in a choreographed show with music, lights, scenery and costumes, making them unique, taking the spectator to an almost virtual world. Galas where the Lusitano horse is king.
Exploiting Entity
Real Picadeiro
+351 282 313 040  
Vales de Pera - CP 44
8365-208 Pera  
37° 08' 35" N l 08° 20' 08" W  

Entity Type

Equestrian center, animation company

Available information

Leaflets, publications
There are translations available

Spoken languages

English, spanish

Acessibility for motion handicapped people

Level of accessibility
Full Accesssibility
Access Conditions
Ramps for handicapped acess

How to get

From Lisbon
A2 / A22, exit Algoz / Pera - 4 Km - 5 min
From Oporto
A1 / N114 /A2, Exit Algoz - 4 Km - 5 min
From Faro
A22, Exit Algoz / Pera - 4 Km - 5 min - EN125, exit Pera / Fiesa - 5 Km - 5 min

Available Parking Lot

50 light vehicles

Available equestrian services

Riding lessons, hippotherapy, livery, sale of horses, thinning of horses
Prior appointment is required
Between 1 and 10 pax


Between 1 and 10 pax

Equestrian disciplines available

Obstacles, dressage, working equitation

Facilities available

Covered arena
30 X 15
Discovered arena
40 X 20 with tibune with 400 seats

Boxes and Bays

  Number Dimension
Boxes 20 3.0 m2

Number of Horses

Race Quantity
Lusitano 15
Other breeds 5

Other Services

Shop for equestrian articles
80 Pax
200 pax