Adega Mayor - Campo Maior

Adega Mayor's position in the landscape creates the sensation of a place that has always existed, a place that is recognisable to the memory and to the sphere of perception like a déjà-vu. The rolling landscape gets hold of the building and the white parallelepiped with contemporary lines prevent us from confusing it with the landscape, but it is probably its ability to create plans and strong poetic relationships that lead us to think about its existential or esoteric capacities. In fact, the building has a very pragmatic set-up and a very clear approach to the programme. The sun, the white planes, the silence, the texture of the golden fields are all part of this functionalist pragmatism that takes us on metaphysical hallucinations and digressions. There is enough metaphysics in thinking about nothing, Alberto Caeiro, in O Guardador de Rebanhos, Poem V, heteronym of Fernando Pessoa.  
Álvaro Siza  
Herdade das Argamassas
Campo Maior  
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39º 02.513' N , 7º 05.906' W
photography: FG + SG Fotografia de Arquitetura