Igreja de Santa Maria e Centro Paroquial de Marco de Canaveses

The Santa Maria Church lies at the entrance to the city and dominates the urban landscape, in a background of scattered construction and excessive contrasts between the long-existing and the new buildings. The solution for the differences in height, through a podium, an inhabited platform that is used for the parish centre's programme, creating a new constructed nature which is the reference and centre-piece in the scattered landscape. As Álvaro Siza says: Visiting the pre-chosen location had deeply disturbed me: it was an extremely difficult location, with huge differences in height, overlooking a very busy road. As if that were not enough, that area was marked by buildings of very poor quality. Building this parish centre is therefore also building a place to replace a very steep slope.  
Igreja de Santa Maria - Álvaro Siza / Rolando Torgo
Centro Paroquial de Santa Maria - Àlvaro Siza  
Avenida Gago Coutinho
Marco de Canaveses  
+ 351 255 522 995  
Monday to Friday: 9h00 - 12h00 | 14h30 - 19h00 Saturdays: 9h00 - 12h00 | 14h30 - 17h00 Sundays: 15h00 - 18h00 Closed on Public Holidays Group visits subject to prior booking  
41º 11.320' N , 8º 08.718' W
photography: FG + SG Fotografia de Arquitetura