Portugal has one of the most admired breeds of horse due to its characteristics in bullfighting, dressage and leisure activities – the Lusitano Thoroughbred. The Lusitano Horse is of Portuguese origin and enjoys huge international prestige due to its purity, beauty and vigour, and is uniquely attractive within the equestrian world.

Portugal's temperate Mediterranean climate guarantees unique conditions for breeding equines and for equestrian activities, from teaching horse riding, to sports competitions, equestrian galas and, of course, different horse riding itineraries, adapted to all the different demand profiles.

Portugal also has a wonderfully rich landscape and is easily accessible by air. It is a safe, hospitable country with qualified human resources and tourist infrastructures.

The Equestrian Tourism Technical Guide provides information on the huge variety on offer in Portugal, in different equestrian spaces with several activities, which are divided between the regions of Oporto and the North, the Centre, Lisbon, the Alentejo and the Algarve.

The Technical Guide aims to be a useful working tool for Portuguese and foreign Travel Agents, as it is a means of acquiring better technical knowledge on the offer available, thereby providing new Equestrian Tourism experiences to their customers in a destination of excellence.

Turismo de Portugal