Companhia das Lezírias, SA

Com Companhia das Lezírias has over 175 years of history and is the largest agro-forestry production in the country. It covers around 18,000 hectares of marsh and heath and is located in the municipality of Benavente, around 40 km from Lisbon. The crops are permanent ones, such as vines (130 hectares), olive groves (70 hectares) and rice (1400 hectares), with strong traditions in the region, and forage for their own use and for sale. We strongly invest in livestock, based on a herd of almost 4,000 cattle for the meat trade. The Stud Farm has tradition, with around 130 of the Lusitano Thoroughbred breed. Companhia das Lezírias has an extremely important forest heritage, covering around eight thousand five hundred hectares, over six thousands of which are cork oak forests, the remainder being covered with forest stands of maritime pine, stone pine and eucalyptus. The unparalleled biodiversity of its territory is perfect for Nature Tourism activities, including Equestrian Tourism. In the southern moorland, more precisely in Ponta da Erva, where the rivers Sorraia and Tagus converge, there is the Bird Visiting and Observation Space, an innovative project which enables visual contact with hundreds of species of birds that can be found there throughout the year, some of which are rare.
Exploiting Entity
Companhia das Lezírias, SA
+351 926 729 180  
Largo 25 de Abril, 17
2135-318 Samora Correia  
38º 52.780' N l 08º 51.747' W  

Entity Type

Equestrian center, stable, animation company, tourist resort

Available information

Brochures, leaflets, multimedia
There are translations available

Spoken languages

English, spanish, french

Acessibility for motion handicapped people

Level of accessibility
Not Accessible

How to get

From Lisbon
A1/ EN 10 /EN 118, exit left, 2km after Porto Alto
From Oporto
A1/EN 10/EN 118, Exit, turn left, 2km after Porto Alto
From Faro
A2 /A12 até nó de Alcochete/EN 118, exit right , 2km before Porto Alto

Available Parking Lot

50 light vehicles / 10 Buses.

Available equestrian services

Horse riding, riding lessons, livery, carriage rides, sale of horses
Prior appointment is required
Between 8 and 12 pax


Between 8 and 12 pax
Between 4 and 10 pax

Conducting itineraries with more than 1 day

Between 4 and 10 pax

Equestrian disciplines available

Obstacles, dressage, coupling, trec, working equitation

Facilities available

Covered arena
Training camp
Discovered arena

Boxes and Bays

  Number Dimension
Boxes 18 9.0 m2

Number of Horses

Race Quantity
Lusitano 5
Other breeds 5

Other Services

75 pax
30 pax


Rural Tourism
Number of Rooms