Manuel Tavares Veiga, Herdeiros

The current Quinta da Brôa was acquired during the 1830s, by Rafael José da Cunha, and since then, has continued to be in the hands of his descendants. He was a prosperous farmer and a major breeder of the wild breed of bovine, as well as of very fine horses. Casa Agrícola Manuel Tavares Veiga has pursued the country life, especially the herd of Lusitano Thoroughbred mares and the "Veiga Horses", so well-known and admired in Portugal and abroad. Pregnant mares graze in parks with irrigated meadows, right at the entrance to the farm; after weaning, the foals are gradually separated and graze on green plains on the banks of the River Almonda. The three to four year old horses are taken to the feeding trough, in the stables, where there is also a set of boxes for the older ones, already trained, some of which are out to sire. They are worked every day by a trained rider who is already well-renowned in dressage events. The indoor arena, the training field and the wide spaces are there for breaking-in, longeing, training and preparation for high school dressage. At this Stud Farm, all the horses are mounted and some of the mares too, but only the females are harnessed to a paired or single animal carriage. A book has been published about the Stud Farm, called “Veiga Horses – Tradition and Present”, Ed. INAPA (Port. and English). Be sure to also visit the coach and harness house, where you can admire the magnificent collection of carriages, equipment and trophies, as well as the olive mill. In addition, you can visit Manuel Veiga's Ranch where they breed bulls for bullfighting.
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Manuel Tavares Veiga, Herdeiros
+351 249 957 154  
Quinta da Brôa - Apartado 2
2150-035 Azinhaga  
39º 21’ 51.71” N l 8º 31’34.34” W  

Entity Type

Stable, animation company

Available information

Leaflets, multimedia, publications
There are translations available

Spoken languages

English, spanish, french

Acessibility for motion handicapped people

Level of accessibility
Full Accesssibility
Access Conditions
People with special needs have guaranteed access, through the use of ramps

How to get

From Lisbon
A1 Exit Torres Novas / A23 exit Golegã / N365 Golegã - Azinhaga
From Oporto
A1 Exit Torres Novas / A23 exit Golegã / N365 Golegã - Azinhaga
From Faro
A22 / A2 / A13 Santarém / A1 exit Torres Novas / A23 exit Golegã / N365 Golegã – Azinhaga

Available Parking Lot

20 light vehicles / 4 Buses

Available equestrian services

Horse riding, riding lessons, livery, carriage rides, sale of horses, thinning of horses
Prior appointment is required
Between 1 and 2 pax


Between 1 and 2 pax

Equestrian disciplines available

Dressage, coupling, working equitation

Facilities available

Covered arena
360m² + 640m²
Training camp

Boxes and Bays

  Number Dimension
Boxes 12 7.5 m2
Bays 6 5.0 m2

Number of Horses

Race Quantity
Lusitano 90
Ponies 2


Rural Tourism
Number of Rooms