Adega do Cantor

The tour takes approximately 1 hour (depending on the interaction with the group) and consists of three distinct parts.
The first part takes place in an old drying area with a panoramic view. Here an explanation is given about the three estates where the varietals used to make the Vida Nova wines are grown, the types of grapes and the influence the soil, the climate and the temperature have on the vine’s growth.
The second part takes place in the winery where the whole wine making process is explained, and the machinery involved in the process is shown. The last part, after a visit to the cellars, consists of a wine tasting (minimum of three different wines) where the analyzing process is demonstrated.
Reservations should be made previously as we can only confirm after having assured that someone is available to conduct the tour.
Adega do Cantor Vitivinicultura, Lda  
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+351 289 572 666  
10.00am - 1.00pm / 2.00pm - 5.00pm (Monday to Friday)
Quinta do Miradouro
8200-443 Guia  
37° 7' 25.72 N | 8° 16' 43.89" W  

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From Oporto
A1 N-S to Lisboa/ A2 N-S to Algarve, exit 15 Lagos/Portimão/Albufeira, exit 9 Guia/Albufeira / IC1, Guia/Alcantarilha, EN 125, exit 4 R. Gen. Humberto Delgado / EM525-1 - 562 km - 5h30  
From Lisbon
A2 N-S to Algarve, exit 15 (Lagos/Portimão/Albufeira) /exit 9 (Guia/Albufeira)/ IC1/ Guia/Alcantarilha, EN 125, exit 4 R. Gen. Humerto Delgado - 254 km - 2h35  
From Faro
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Activity Group size Activity Duration Details
Guided tour to the facilities 15 to 30 pax
Guided tours to the vineyard 15 to 30 pax
Wine tasting 15 to 30 pax

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