Herdade do Rocim

Herdade do Rocim is a wine estate of about 100 hectares, located between Vidigueira and Cuba, in the Lower Alentejo region, of which approximately 60 hectares are occupied by vineyards. It is characterized by clay and sandy soils. Over the last few years the vineyards at the Herdade have been planted according to specific criteria, which will enable the production of high quality grapes.
An emblematic element in the Herdade do Rocim project, the winery combines wine production with the aesthetic quality of its architecture and serves as a marketing and promotional element to re-qualify the region. The Herdade do Rocim winery harmonizes the production of wine, its main activity, with other activities closely related to culture and leisure. With this investment, we wished to qualify not only the winery but also to make a sustainable contribution to the development of the region.

Rocim Agroindústria, Lda  
Wine Region
Wine route
Alentejo   www.vinhosdoalentejo.pt/adegas.php?id=21
Internet site
+351 284 415 180  
11.00am - 9.00pm (Monday to Sunday)
EN 387, Apartado 64
7940-909 Cuba  
38º 11' 54.74" N / 7º 51' 28.86'' W  

General Information

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Parking lot

50 cars / 5 bus

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Not available.

Acessibility for motion handicapped people

The space is parcially accessible.

How to get

From Oporto
A1 N-S to Lisboa/ A2 N-S, exit IP8 Ferreira do Alentejo/Beja; exit Ferreira do Alentejo/Cuba - 455Km - 4h20  
From Lisbon
A2 N-S, exit IP8 Ferreira do Alentejo/ Beja, exit Ferreira do Alentejo/Cuba - 178Km - 1h50  
From Faro
A22 to A2 S-N, exit IP2 Castro Verde/ Beja, exit Cuba - 166Km - 1h50  


Activity Group size Activity Duration Details
Guided tour to the facilities Máximum 50 pax Groups over 50 people are split in two. Visits to the pedagogical vineyard depend on the group’s interest and weather conditions  
Guided tours to the vineyard 6 to 20 pax Included in the Vineyards Programme  
Wine tasting 1 to 50 pax
Wine courses Máximum 50 pax Workshop 0 Level – introduction  
Season activities Paticipationin the vineyard.
Other own activities —   Cultural Activities  
Activities with the participation of winemaker-producer —   With previous arrangement  
Activities in partnership —   Events  
Regional products tasting —   Cheese, Pork Sausages, Bread, Olive Oil Cakes, Jam  

Additional Services

Product Store

Wine, Moleskins, Wine Literature, Author Jewelry, Chocolates  

Event Room

90 m2  
Screen and Datashow

Meal Service

Room size
108 m2
Room capacity
80 pax
Operating Regime
For events.
Service catering service.
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