Monte da Ravasqueira

Monte da Ravasqueira has been linked to the José de Mello family for several generations. Located in the municipality of Arraiolos, about an hour’s drive from Lisbon, the estate occupies a vast area of typical Alentejo landscape. It is managed and run by Sociedade Agrícola D. Diniz, SA.
The excellent geological conditions and the climate are well suited to the production of some of the best wine that the Alentejo has to offer. A great deal has been invested in planting vines and also in modern winemaking equipment and in meteorological and plant-health facilities.
Monte da Ravasqueira has also invested in the infrastructures of a Wine tourism project and is committed to the production of distinctive quality wines, while also engaging in a number or other activities involving the production of cork, olive oil and honey, as well as rearing fine cattle and breeding the Lusitanian horse.
The 11 vineyards at Monte da Ravasqueira are laid out in the manner the French call terroir; each in its own part of the estate. For example, the Vinha do Monte, where we start the tour and provide all the information about the grape varieties, soil, climate, techniques and harvest, is laid out on a slope leading down to a stream, while the Vinha das Romãs stands on ground where pomegranates used to grow (romã being the Portuguese word for pomegranate).
In 1998 we began to perform geological studies, with the technical support of Portuguese and foreign consultants of great experience and renown in this field, in order to select the most appropriate varieties and the best locations for the vines to be planted. We will explain all this process.
Next we will go to the winery. Inspired by California’s Napa Valley, Monte da Ravasqueira has been provided with the latest technology and is one of the country’s most modern and functional wineries. It is run entirely using software, developed in-house at Monte da Ravasqueira, which we will show you while we explain all the wine-making process. There is also a wine-tasting room, with a great view of the cellar (temperature and humidity controlled) where, as you taste one of our wines, you will be able to find out more about the ageing process in French Oak barrels.
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Monte da Ravasqueira
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Activity Group size Activity Duration Details
Guided tour to the facilities 1 to - pax from 1h to 2h   Personalised and guided visit  
Guided tours to the vineyard 1 to - pax from 1h to 2h   Personalised and guided tour of the vineyard, and with the option of an exclusive visit  
Wine tasting 1 to - pax 1h to 2h   Personalised wine tasting, and with the option of an exclusively commented trying  
Olive oil tasting 1 to - pax 1h to 2h   Personalised olive oil tasting, and with the option of an exclusively commented trying  
Wine courses 15 to 40 pax from 3h to 5h   Personalised. Level 1 , 2 or advanced  
Kitchen Workshops 15 to 40 pax from 3h to 5h   By appointment  
Regional products tasting —   cheeses, sausages, bread, honey, jam  

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