Beira Interior

Name Municipality
Quinta dos Termos Belmonte

The wines from these areas are known generally as Beiras, since they come from the regions known as Beira Alta, Beira Baixa and Beira Litoral. The climate, varying between mountains and prairies, with both harsh winters and summers, makes for very interesting wines.

Producers in the Bairrada region make use mostly of the Baga variety, which produces intensely coloured wines, heavy on the tannins, very fruity with complex aromas and a great ageing potential. Bairrada is also known for its sparkling wines which go very well with the local speciality: roast suckling pig.

The area is marked by rolling hills and small family sized farms, almost all of which grow at least a few vines in whatever space they have available.

The landscape surrounding the Dão River is noted for its granite and limestone, with plenty of shale thrown into the mix. The reds are full bodied and elegant, heavy on the fruit flavours and hints of herbs, whereas the whites are, in general, fruity, aromatic and medium bodied, and go very well with the finest fish and white meat dishes.