Península de Setúbal

The Setúbal Peninsula region produces several wines which are greatly appreciated both in Portugal and abroad. These include wines from the Palmela Denomination of Origin, the Moscatel wines from Setúbal, fortified wines which, in this case are known as Generous, as opposed to Licorous, and finally those produced in the Terras do Sado region, with particularly successful exports in the sixties and seventies, such as the famous Lancers.

The terrain is either very sandy or limestone clay and is naturally protected from sea breezes by the Arrábida hills, which stand along the coastline between the Cape of Espichel and the city of Setúbal. Vines have been planted here for thousands of years, however the 19th Century plagues, Phylloxera and Powdery Mildew, took a heavy toll and most have been replanted since.

Located close to Lisbon, this area produces wines which have been a source of pride for locals, such as those known as caramelos from Terras do Pó, whose wines have won several awards.