Name Municipality
Quinta do Casal Branco Almeirim
Quinta da Lagoalva Alpiarça
Vale d'Algares Cartaxo

The Tejo region has had a hard time shaking off the reputation it earned for only producing wines to sell in bulk, or to make brandy which in turn was used to fortify the generous Port or Carcavelos wines.

Today, however, this fertile region in the Tagus valley and river basin, is a paradise for young enologists and adventurous producers who, in a joint effort, have been making revolutionary wines with an excellent and enticing value for money.

Unlike the northern regions, the Tejo region consists mainly of large properties, of which the vines are only a small but economically important factor. Cereals and cork are still the area’s prime source of income.

The reds, whites and rosés are generally consistent, with high alcohol volume, balanced and with flavours that fill the mouth. They also have a good ageing potential and can improve over several years after bottling, except for the rosés, which should be served immediately after production, in order to fully appreciate the freshness.