Vinho Verde

Name Municipality
Fundação Eça de Queiroz Baião
Casa do Campo Celorico de Basto
Quinta da Lixa Felgueiras
Casa de Sezim Guimarães
Quinta de Lourosa Lousada
Quinta de Tuías Marco de Canaveses
Palácio da Brejoeira Monção
Quinta da Aveleda Penafiel

The Vinho Verde region gets its name from the lush, almost luxurious vegetation which characterizes it, due to its natural humidity and the fact that the range of mountains, which includes the Marão, help keep out the worst of the heat. This is the home of the distinctive Vinho Verde [green wine], with its delightful freshness and great acidity. The style of the wines can vary depending on the local variation in any of the nine sub-regions. The Alvarinho wine from Monção, for example, is dry and full bodied, whereas the wines made from the Loureiro variety, from the centre of the region, are more delicate and have richer aromas. Interestingly, the reds are very popular among the locals. The common denominator for all these wines is that they should be drunk at a young age, preferably the very year they come on the market, or the year after.

The beautiful scenery is made up of rolling hills, dotted with small scale farms and vineyards, often hidden behind morning mists.